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Events: Kim's Challenge 2016

February 27, 2016

Grandmaster Kim's Taekwondo College
2513 Victoria Ave.
Regina, SK
S4P 0T2

Phone: 306-522-5257

Grand Master Kim invites you to attend the 2016 Kim’s Taekwondo Challenge. This year we will not be requiring Weigh-inns the night before but the Master/Instructor will have to sign a form stating that the weights were checked in the dojang and verified visually by them. We will be doing a random sampling of competitiors for a weigh-in on Saturday morning. Kim's will be using both electronic and Daedo scoring systems.

Black belts will be using the Daedo scoring systems.  Socks will be required. Socks can be purchased the equipment table.

 The following divisions (based on registration) are being offered:

1.      Color Belt Division:

2.      Black Belt Division:

3.      Executive Division:Adults 40 years of age and up

4.      Recreational Black Belt Division (no head contact):

a.        Novice level sparring division

b.      For new or relatively new black belts to sparring

c.       Black Belts that have not and will not be working toward competing at a national level

d.      Instructors must approve who goes into this division

5.      Cho Dan Bo Students:

a.       Can choose to spar in a black belt division or with the colour belts.

b.      Those that choose to spar with colour belts will do their matches and then do poomse with Black Belts.

c.       If the student decides to fight in the color belt division please ensure he/she fills out the color belt form.

We invite you and the members of your school to come to Regina for a day of fun, fair competition and great hospitality. All divisions will be made up according to age, weight, belt rank and number of tournaments participated in to ensure fair and challenging competition.

 Please email Karen at if you would like a tournament packaged emailed to you.